How to stop being a nice guy in a relationship and 7 tips to avoid this

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Being a nice guy in a relationship can be detrimental to your success. You may think that being the “good guy” is what women want, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Women are attracted to men who get what they want and don’t suffer fools gladly. If you’re tired of not getting anywhere with your girlfriend or wife, read on for some helpful advice on how to stop being a nice guy in a relationship!

Why you should stop being a nice guy?

There are a few key reasons why you should stop being a nice guy in your relationship. For one, women don’t want men who agree with everything they say – they want someone who has their own opinion and isn’t afraid to share it.

Second, agreeing with everything your partner says makes you predictable and boring. Your woman will eventually get tired of how nice you are because there’s no room for adventure or spontaneity in the relationship!

Third, being a pushover doesn’t make women respect your opinion – it makes them think less of you. When she asks for your opinion on something important to her (e.g. what dress to wear to a party), and you give her an answer that she doesn’t like, she’ll just disregard it and do whatever she wants anyway.

Fourth, being a nice guy can make you look weak in your partner’s eyes. Women are attracted to confident men who know what they want, and being too agreeable will just make you come across as indecisive and lacking in self-confidence.

And finally, being a nice guy can be harmful to your relationship. When your partner senses that you’re too agreeable and don’t have any opinions of your own, she may start to question whether or not you care about her. This can eventually lead to resentment and disharmony in the relationship. In the worst case, she will take advantage of your kindness for her own benefit.

Not be a nice guy can be a good solution to get the love you want.

How to stop being a nice guy? But which type are you?

There are three main types of nice guys that women often encounter in a relationship:

The martyr – this type always puts other people’s needs before their own, and thinks they’re being “selfless” when doing so. They believe that the world revolves around them, but would never admit it!

The manipulator – these men use niceness as a tool to get what they want from women. They know that if they’re nice enough, women will eventually fall for them and do whatever they ask.

The wimp – this guy is so afraid of losing his partner’s love and approval that he’ll agree with anything she says or does. He has no backbone whatsoever and is a pushover.

What type of nice guy are you? Take this quick quiz to find out:

  • Are you always putting other people’s needs before your own? Yes, I’m very selfless. No, that’s not me.
  • Do you agree with everything your partner says or does? Yes, I’m a very agreeable person. No, I have my own opinions and stand by them!
  • Do you get resentful or angry when your partner doesn’t pay attention to what you say? Yes, it bothers me when she ignores my opinion. No way – this isn’t me at all!
  • When your woman asks for your opinion on something important, do you just give in and agree with whatever she says? Yes, I feel like it’s easier to go along with what she wants. No way – that would be really out of character for me!
  • When your partner doesn’t pay attention when you speak or listen but then disregards everything you say, do you get angry or resentful? Yes, it bothers me. No way – I’m not like that at all!

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then chances are you’re a nice guy and should stop being so agreeable in your relationship! If this quiz has confirmed what you already knew about yourself (i.e. that you’re a nice guy), then it’s time to start making some changes.

Start by being more assertive and standing up for yourself. Don’t be afraid to share your own opinions, even if they differ from those of your partner. And finally, learn how to say no – don’t be the pushover who always agrees with everything she says.

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Stop being a nice guy to attract your desired love

7 tips: How to not be a nice guy!

Now that you know how to stop being a nice guy, it’s time to put some of these tips into practice:

  1. Start by standing up for yourself and voicing your own opinions. Don’t be afraid to disagree with your partner, even if it means risking her disapproval.
  2. Learn how to say no – don’t be the pushover who always agrees with everything she says.
  3. Be assertive and don’t let your partner take advantage of you. Learn to ask for what you want in the relationship, so that you get your needs met too!
  4. Don’t be afraid to disagree or express an unpopular opinion – this is a good way to show women that you’re not a pushover or afraid to be yourself.
  5. Learn how to express your needs and desires without making it sound like you’re criticizing her – this can help prevent arguments!
  6. Finally, learn how to fight fairly so that you don’t turn every disagreement into an argument so big that she walks away from the relationship.
  7. Last but not least, while being a nice guy is great in certain situations, it can be seriously limiting when you’re trying to get the girl! How many times have you come across guys who are so nice that they put women on pedestals and turn them into goddesses?

To attract women using your niceness, you need to keep a certain degree of mystery and avoid being too nice. If you go overboard, then it will be obvious that the only reason she’s going out with you is that she feels sorry for you!

So what type of guy do women actually want? The answer should have been obvious from the quiz – guys who are neither pushovers nor assholes, but somewhere in the middle. Guys who have their own opinions and can stand up for themselves, without being aggressive or overbearing. Guys who know how to get what they want without resorting to manipulation or threats.

Guys like this are rare – but luckily, you can learn how to be one of them! Just keep the tips in this ebook in mind, and start putting them into practice. You’ll be surprised at how much difference they can make.

How to stop being a nice guy in a relationship?

” Nice guys finish last ” is a common phrase for a reason – because being too nice definitely has its drawbacks! However, with a bit of effort, you can learn how to stop being a nice guy.

1. Heal your low self-esteem

The first step to becoming less of a pushover is to fix your self-esteem. If you don’t believe in yourself, then other people will walk all over you and take advantage of the situation!

If low self-esteem sounds like an issue for you, then listen up… There’s an easy way to get started on overcoming this problem: start by accepting yourself for who you are. This means that you should stop trying to be someone that you’re not, and learn to love and accept all of your flaws.

Once you’ve started down this path, it will be a lot easier to begin standing up for yourself in relationships. You’ll no longer feel the need to please others at the expense of your own happiness, and you’ll be less likely to put up with mistreatment from your partner.

Start by accepting yourself for who you are, and work on building self-confidence. This will help you become a more assertive man in all areas of your life!

2. Make your personal interests a priority

Another key to becoming less of a pushover is to make your personal interests and hobbies a priority. When you have things that you’re passionate about outside of your relationship, it will be easier to stand up for yourself and voice your own opinions.

You don’t want her telling you what to do all the time – start showing her that you’re not a pushover by making your own plans and pursuing the things that you’re interested in.

If hobbies are an issue for you, then try to take up some new ones! The easiest way is simply to start going outside more – even if it’s just taking walks around the neighborhood or spending time at a local park with your dog.

If you’re more of an indoor person, then consider taking up a new hobby like painting or playing video games. Not only will this help distract your mind from relationship problems, but they’ll also give you something to talk about with her instead!

3. Start saying no

In order to stop being a pushover, you need to start saying no when necessary. In the past, it’s probably been easy for you to say yes – but that’s exactly why she takes advantage of your niceness!

If you don’t know how to tell her “no”, then practice on small things first and work your way up. For example, if she asks you to do something that you really don’t want to do, then say no and explain why. It doesn’t have to be a big deal – just tell her that you’re not feeling well, or that you have other plans.

If she keeps pushing for an answer, then give her a firm but polite no. This will let her know that you’re not willing to give in, and it’s time for her to stop asking!

Doing this every now and then maybe difficult at first – but just remind yourself that she’ll respect your boundaries more when you stand up for them than if you keep saying yes without question.

4. Start making the first move

A lot of nice guys make the mistake of waiting for their girlfriend to make all of the moves in a relationship. They don’t want to seem too eager or aggressive by initiating things with her, so they wait until she’s ready before taking any steps forward.

Actually, there are some signs that the girl has fallen in love with you without her saying. You depend on it and prepare for your strategy.

This is a mistake if you are too passive because it allows her to take the lead in the relationship and makes you look like a passive participant. If this sounds like you, then start making the first move yourself!

Start by being more assertive when asking her out on dates, and don’t be afraid to touch her or initiate physical contact. It may feel a little awkward at first, but she’ll appreciate your confidence and it will show her that you’re serious about the relationship.

When it comes to sex, don’t be afraid to initiate things yourself – after all, she’s not going to know what you want if you don’t tell her!

5. Stop being so available

One of the easiest ways to start asserting yourself in a relationship is to stop being so available all the time. If she knows that you’re always there for her, then she’ll take advantage of your niceness and continue to ask for more and more from you.

Start by taking some time for yourself – go out with friends, watch a movie, or just stay in and do some self-care. It’s important that you learn to be happy by yourself without her help, so she’ll know how to treat you when you want your alone time!

You can even set limits on what times of day or night are okay for her to contact you – if it gets too late, then let her know that you’re unavailable after a certain time.

Don’t be afraid to block her number or turn your phone off if she starts calling too much – these are the only ways that she’ll learn not to take advantage of you!

6. Stop trying to fix everything

If there’s one thing that all women appreciate, it’s when men know how to fix things around the house. However, this is also one of the major ways that nice guys end up getting taken advantage of by their girlfriends – they’re more than happy to do all sorts of household chores for her!

Instead, it’s time to start letting your girlfriend learn how to take care of herself and fix some problems on her own. This doesn’t mean that you should stop helping her out – but don’t do everything for her!

Start by teaching her how to fix simple things like a light switch or a cabinet hinge. If she starts to struggle, then help her out, but don’t take over. The more she does on her own, the more confident she’ll become – and the better she’ll be able to take care of herself in the long run.

7. Be honest with her

One of the best ways to start asserting yourself in a relationship is to be honest with your girlfriend. This means telling her how you feel, what you want, and what’s important to you. Don’t hold anything back – she deserves to know the real you.

Don’t be afraid of what she’ll think if you start being honest with her – it’s much better than continuing to act like a pushover who does everything that she wants! If anything, your honesty will show her how mature and confident you are, which is sure to make her even more attracted to you.

8. Do not apologize for taking control of your life

You don’t need to apologize for taking back control of your life and finally starting to act like the man that you know you can be. It’s natural to feel a little scared or uncertain at first, but remember that you’re doing this for yourself – no one else.

If anything, your girlfriend should be happy that you’re starting to act like the strong and confident man that she fell in love with.

9. Stop the ‘give to get’ mentality

One of the biggest problems that nice guys have in relationships is the “give to get” mentality. This means that they’re always giving and doing things for their girlfriends, but they never seem to get anything back in return.

This can be really frustrating, especially if you feel like you’re always putting in more effort than she is.

It’s time to stop putting in so much effort for her if she doesn’t seem to give anything back! If she starts complaining about you being too busy or not spending enough time with her, then tell her that you just don’t have the energy right now.

Don’t apologize for having a life outside of your relationship – it’s important that you’re able to spend time with your friends and accomplish the goals in life that are most important to you.

10. Don’t do things just for her benefit

One of the best ways to get out of being a pushover is by not doing anything unless it benefits both of you equally! If she asks something from you, think about how it will affect you before agreeing to do it.

If she starts asking too many things from you or if you feel like she’s taking advantage of you, then let her know that you’re not going to be doing anything for her benefit anymore. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop helping her out – just make sure that there’s equal give and take in your relationship or you might be headed for a breakup!

Final thoughts

Remember, being nice is great – but it’s not the only thing that women look for in men. If you want to attract more quality ladies into your life, then it’s important that you start standing up for yourself and taking control of your own happiness again.

Another point you need to keep in mind is that, stop being a nice guy doesn’t mean that being a jerk. There should be a clear understanding of the strategy to move on.

Frankly speaking that it’s hard to understand the woman world. The more knowledge you have, the more successful rate you can achieve to attract the girl in your dream. Learning is never useless. This course will help you to get into the mind of your girl and make her fall in love with you.


1. Do nice guys finish last in relationships?

Not always. Some studies show that nice guys are actually more attractive and successful than the love ’em and leave ’em types. They’re better at keeping their relationships because they’re involved in them more and they don’t get caught up with other women. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that being a nice guy is not always the best attitude to take if you want to find your true love.

2. Why nice guys are Friendzoned?

So many women talk about being a “nice girl” or “nice guy” only to be friend-zoned by the opposite sex. But why do nice guys get friend-zoned? The answer varies, but there are some common threads running through the reasonings for this phenomenon. Nice guys usually have difficulty committing and not just letting go, they also make it difficult for their partners to feel confident about them because of how clingy they can be. It’s important for guys to think about what makes their relationships work in order to avoid becoming a nice guy who becomes friend-zoned.

3. How do you avoid being Friendzoned by a guy?

There are a few ways to not get Friendzoned by a guy. The first one is to make sure you’re not too nice. If you’re always making sure he’s happy and doing well, he’ll start to feel like he has all the power in the relationship. If you’re taking care of him, that means no one will take care of you. Take on some of your own responsibilities and let him know that even though you might be his friend, he still needs someone else with all his own needs in order to feel fulfilled in life.

4. How do I become more than friends?

The desires, needs, and wants of your partner are unique and personalized. When you’re a nice guy, it’s often difficult to get what you want because you don’t know how to voice those needs. But if you’re not afraid to take risks and communicate your wants, you can easily become more than friends.

5. Can lovers become just friends?

Ending a relationship can be difficult, especially when one of you is so important to the other. In an attempt to save the relationship, some people will try to keep it together by becoming more “friendly” with their partner. Although this is often seen as a good thing and many people say that they want this in their relationships, others are talking about how being just friends has actually become a bad thing.

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