7 man-melting phrases that will make a guy fall for you

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Sometimes you’ll use words to make a man fall for you. But sometimes, it’s just the things you do that will get him hooked. Flirting with him, making eye contact, touching his arm, and so on – these actions will put your guy on red alert and make him want to know more about you. Here are ten man-melting phrases that will make a guy fall for you.

7 man-melting phrases that will make a guy fall for you

There are phrases that make men swoon, yet there are others that could likely be the spark for a devastating argument. Below is a list of phrases that will make a guy fall for you.

1. Appreciate his interests and hobbies to make him fall in love

One way to make your man fall madly in love with you is by turning his interests into hobbies. Find out what your guy likes and find ways to turn this into a hobby.

So instead of, “I’m sorry I missed the football game,” tell him about the fantasy football team you forged for him and how proud you are of him when he does well. Instead of “Can we do something else tonight?” try mentioning that show that you both like so much and can’t wait for next week’s episode. He will be smitten even without spending a dime.

There’s nothing sexier than a man that has hobbies and interests. A man who’s also passionate about something different makes for a great conversationalist as well. But, if you’re looking for a souvenir to take home from your date, consider writing down some of his favorite phrases before you go. You can use these quotes to start up conversations in the future or even ask him out on a second date.

When you’re with him, don’t be like “I’m not really into sport” or “What do you do for a living?” If he brings it up first, be polite and ask how passionate he is about his hobby. It will show interest in him going forward and make him feel more connected to you.

It is important to understand that when you’re dating someone new, you don’t have to try and change him or her. Instead, be supportive of your partner’s hobbies and interests. You will most likely find that this person becomes even more attracted to you because they feel so comfortable around you.

2. Appreciate his perception

The best way to make a man fall in love with you is by showing him that you appreciate his perception of the world. If he ever mentions something about himself, show your appreciation for his intelligence and how it makes you feel safe and secure. Actions speak louder than words, but words speak volumes to a guy.

If you want to make your man melt and be in love with you, use his sense of perception. You can do this by using a few simple words that really connect to him. He’ll know that you’re paying attention to him and are interested in what he is saying.

This can be done by showing appreciation for his physical attributes, such as his muscles and personality, or just the way he handles things in life. If you’re looking for ways to make your man fall in love with you, some great phrases to say are “I love how you always seem to know what to do,” “you’re smart,” and “you’re so charming.”

Men love phrases that make them feel special, and they especially like to hear what their woman has to say about them. You might be able to use a man-melting phrase or two, but if you’re not sure what phrases work for you, try telling him something he already knows about you. These are some of the most common quotes men love hearing: “I love your eyes.” “I think you’re handsome.” “You have the sexiest smile.”

man-melting phrases that will make a guy fall for you

3. Appreciate and affirm his self-esteem

There are plenty of ways to make a man fall in love with you, and one of the best is to appreciate his ego. This can be a challenging feat, especially when you’re new to dating, but it’s one worth setting your mind to. Remember that this person you’ve just met has a fragile ego that needs stroking and reassurance constantly.

Every man loves to be appreciated and affirmed, so when you make him feel special with your attention and words, his ego will be deflated for sure. If he feels secure, he is less likely to try and use his appeal to get ahead in a situation. So next time you have a conversation with him, pay attention to the little things that let him know that you are interested in him as an individual.

In order to keep your man happy and in love with you, you must do your best to show him that he is important. Show the man that you appreciate the little things about him and let him know how much you care for him. It’s important to acknowledge his ego by letting him know how amazing he really is.

Guys are simple creatures. They tend to be more susceptible to the pheromones that we emit and respond better to flattery than others. Take a moment to appreciate your man’s ego and his achievements before you speak – he’ll be hooked on you for sure!

4. Tell him what attracts you to him

What you say to a man is important, but what you feel is just as crucial. Women have been telling men all the wrong things for centuries so let’s change that around and give him what he truly wants- your heart. Try telling a man how much you admire his physique, how much of a genius you think he is, or how sexy you find him.

The best way to make a guy fall for you is by being honest about the fact that he has attracted you. This is not just about physical attraction, so don’t be afraid to mention your feelings for him without feeling like that’s someone else’s territory. If he seems hesitant and wants more details, ask him what he likes about you.

Converse about the strong attraction you feel for each other, and let him know how good it feels. Use these phrases to show him what your heart is saying: “Your gaze melts my bones.”I can’t stop thinking about your blue eyes.”Every time I look into your eyes, I fall in love with you all over again.” “When I’m with you, the rest of the world disappears.”

5. Show that he is the masculine man he was meant to be

When the world gets tough, the best thing to do is make them feel like a man. Masculine men are all about power and control, so you have to be able to bring out their wild side. To get him to love you, write these phrases down in his favorite color or print it on something sexy that he can’t resist.

Today, we live in an age where women are equal to men. So, how do you get that masculine man to fall in love with you? You have to show him that you are confident and feminine at the same time. A man will melt for you if he knows you would be able to meet his every need.

6. Conversation questions for relationships

Sometimes, you just want to know what makes someone love you. You ask him different questions and try to figure out if you’re getting the reactions that you should be. One of the first questions that most people tend to ask is “What’s your type?” This question can lead to a lot of confusion because each person has their own idea of what they like when it comes to romance. If he hasn’t given a clear answer yet, it may be time to give him some examples of how you express your feelings for him.

Ask him a question about the day or something that happened to you, and keep it light from the start. For example, what’s your favorite movie?

Here are a few questions you might want to ask him to make your relationship feel more comfortable and exciting:

– What’s the best first date you’ve ever been on?

– What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

– Who is one person that has made you feel most loved when you were feeling unloved?

You also can see HERE for some suggestions of the questions to ask your crush.

7. Ladies, show your romance qualities to your significant other

Sometimes, a guy is looking for a woman with a few things in common. Maybe he likes women who are smart and independent but also have an easy time flirting. If you’re looking to give him that kind of experience, try these phrases: “I can’t believe I’m the one who gets to hold this sexy body.” “I hope I haven’t made your day too busy, what with work and all.” “I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep this going,” or “I need you like air.”

There are a few things you can do to make him fall in love. One is to tell him how much you love and appreciate him. Another is to say “I love you” frequently. There’s also the old standby of buying him flowers.

Women often think that saying phrases like “I will always be here for you,” “You are so special to me,” or “You make my life complete” will get their crush’s attention. The thing is, these phrases are not foolproof and have been said before by countless girls. Instead, you need to show your crush your romance qualities. I recommend trying flirty eye contact, touching him in light and subtle ways, or whispering sexy words in his ear.

Why guys fall for women?

If you’re looking for a good catchphrase or saying to win over a guy, try using these phrases for your next date.

1. Arguments against intimacy

“I was afraid if we got too close, I would start caring about you and then I would be heartbroken when you left.” “I don’t want to take a chance on getting hurt.” “I can’t trust anybody now because I let my guard down with you.” These are just some of the phrases guys use as reasons why they feel like they shouldn’t be in a relationship.

2. Reversing the seduction pause

When a man is trying to seduce you but stops short of the final step, he may have stopped in order to gather his thoughts. While this pause may seem disconcerting at first glance, it’s actually a perfect opportunity for you to make your move.

After all, it’s easy to get caught up in a guy’s story when he’s telling you about something interesting or funny that happened in his day. Rather than reacting with excitement and embarrassment, he’ll be more likely to give in if you take control of the conversation back from him and keep things moving forward.

You might want to try taking action first, then letting them know what you’re thinking by asking a question such as “What would make me fall in love with you?” or “What do you think about me?”

3. Gaining trust and building relationships

You can use these phrases as lines that you can start conversations. Men have a hard time trusting women at times, but make the right move and he will never doubt you. These are the perfect words to use to win over those man-melting looks!

It takes years to learn how to be vulnerable with your partner and then trust them with every part of your life. Here are some phrases that will help you gain trust and build relationships with your guy: “I feel like I can tell you anything” or “I don’t want you to stop talking to me because I might miss out on something.”


Men love to be told that they’re attractive and desirable. This will make him utilize all his effort to try and please you, and it is a sure-fire way to keep him coming back for more.

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1. What three words will make a man worship you?

A man will worship you if you put these three words in your conversation: “I love you.” Whether he has made a declaration that was a request for intimacy or a mere statement of affection, saying “I love you” will bring this man to his knees.

2. What to say to a man to make him fall in love?

Romantic phrases are designed to start a conversation, make the person you’re in love with feel special and ultimately make him fall in love with you. You should aim for something that is personal to your relationship, like telling him you love him when he’s not looking or asking if he’s still thinking about what you said last time.

3. What to say to make him want to see you?

This is difficult to quantify, but there are certain words you can use that will make him want to see you and more importantly want to be with you. Here are some tips on what men like: “You’re so handsome” “I wish I could just look at you all day” “I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel the way you do” “You have a way of making me feel calm in this crazy world”.

4. What words does a man want to hear?

It is important to know what words a man would want to hear most because they can help create an intimate moment. If you’re struggling with the words he might like, try using these phrases.”I love you.” “I need you.” “I’m so sorry.” “You’re perfect the way you are.”

5. What compliments do guys like?

Many people might say compliments like “you look so smart” or “you’re a really handsome guy” but most men would rather hear something more specific like “I love your eyes” or “your beard is great.” Most guys are also very picky about what they’re complimented on. They’ll often avoid being complimented on their body, which has been done to death over the years.

6. What do men like to be called?

There are many phrases that men like to hear when they’re with their women. Men love for women to call them “my little big man”, or “my sweetness”. Women are always being told these things, and now it’s time for men to get in on the action.

7. How do you compliment a guy on his personality in one word?

One word that is used a lot to describe personality is charisma. This word just means “the ability to amuse, interest, or please someone.” That’s the best way to compliment a guy on his personality because it’s so simple and easy to get.

8. How do you say hot guy?

“Hottie” is a very common term that many people use to describe the person they are attracted to. “Hottie” sounds more respectful than saying “hot guy,” which can be seen as crude or rude.

“Hottie” is a term that can have a number of meanings. It can be used to describe someone who has good looks and is attractive; it can also be used to refer to someone who is a little bit naughty or cheeky.

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